Analysis & Reporting

Sir Francis Bacon said (and I paraphrase) " Knowledge is power".  Timely information is critical in the internet age. Sprocket Express uses our proprietary Sprocket Express Order Management System to capture, store, and present key operational information to our clients. 

Do you need order, customer, and inventory information to manage your business? 

Our web portal gives you access to the latest order, customer, and inventory data. 

The portal allows our clients to see and download "Fresh" data on demand. Armed with this information you can make timely business decisions with confidence that you have the latest business information. 

The web portal can be used in many aspects of your business. 

  • Inventory Management - The web portal shows you what is in stock, on back order, on order, and what needs to be ordered. Always updated and accurate, you can use this system to avoid stock outs.
  • Shipment Status - Your customer service personnel has on screen access to all orders shipped in the last sixty days. A click of the mouse on the tracking number brings you the carrier's website and the latest tracking information for that order.
  • Order Detail - Another click of the mouse brings you from the order header to the detail of the order. What items were in the shipment, what was the ship to address, etc. etc.

Custom Reporting to Support Important Strategic Business Decisions 

Data without good presentation can lead to analysis paralysis.  

The Sprocket Express Order Management System collects and stores critical bits of data on all the orders we ship for you. We can provide data and or custom reports to help you assess this data to support strategic business decisions.  

Examples of  questions that can be answered readily with custom reporting

  • The market campaign was changed last month to include the Southeast, did we see an increase in business in that area?
  • Is there a seasonal business cycle? What sizes, colors, and products should be more heavily stocked in the busy season?
  • How often do we have stock outs? What items run out more frequently?
  • What is our return rate for each product? What are the reasons?
  • Who bought product from us last quarter? What did they buy? What are their email addresses?

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