Infomercial Support

Does your business use infomercials or surge-style promotions? 

We can coordinate our systems with most Infomercial processes and order management systems using FTP, XML, Text, or CSV files. 

Our IT staff has developed interfaces with many types of shopping carts and business systems. If your infomercial partner can provide a file, we can bring it into our proprietary Sprocket Express Order Management System - quickly! 

Business Surges - We have the capability to adjust capacity to accommodate large surges in business. 

Using Kaizen techniques we have incorporated "Lean Manufacturing Strategies" in our operations process to manage surges in demand without sacrificing service levels and remaining price competitive. 

How does a fulfillment company process five hundred orders for me one day, no orders for me the next day, and stay in business? Here at Sprocket Express we have analyzed the fulfillment process using such Lean Manufacturing techniques as "Kaizen", "Poka-Yoke", and "The Theory of Constraints". These techniques have helped us create a simple system that can be adjusted up and down to flex with the daily demands of our customer's business. 

What does this mean to you? We can keep our costs low, your prices low, and provide you with high level services not available from other fulfillment houses. 

Such as : 

  • A web portal showing your inventory status and order traffic. 
  • Website, Shopping Cart, and Internet Marketing support. 
  • All orders shipped within one business day.
  • Back order management.
  • Customer call center support.
  • Email order shipment confirmation.
  • Specialized business information reports.


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