Is your product a nutraceutical or supplement? 

Our facility has been inspected, approved and licensed by the Mass. DOH for storage of your product. 

Sprocket Express provides fulfillment services for a number of Nutraceutical clients. Our heated warehouse located in the cool northeast provides adequate temperature controls for all but the most sensitive products. This allows us to provide the same low storage costs other fulfillment houses must charge a premium for.  

Our proprietary Sprocket Express Order Management supports features critically important to the Nutraceutical and Supplement client: 

  • Auto-Refill  - Our proprietary software allows us to automatically ship your customer's refills on any schedule you select. 
  • Dated Inventory control - We can prioritize product shipping by date.
  • Lot control and tracking - Our system will record what lots of materials are shipped to who and when. This gives you a full history for research (or the unthinkable, recall situation). 

The web portal also provides important information: 

  • Inventory Management - The web portal shows you what is in stock, on back order, on order, and what needs to be ordered. Always updated and accurate, you can use this system to avoid stock outs.
  • Shipment Status - Your customer service personnel has on screen access to all orders shipped in the last sixty days. A click of the mouse on the tracking number brings you the carrier's website and the latest tracking information for that order.
  • Order Detail - Another click of the mouse brings you from the order header to the detail of the order. What items were in the shipment, what was the ship to address, etc.


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