Literature & Samples

Marketing is a high pressure, fast paced, critical business element. 

Sprocket Express can provide many services helpful to a marketing organization. 

POP displays, Printed materials, Mock ups, Samples, what ever. Sprocket Express is a seasoned veteran of the marketing battleground. We understand the need for fast and accurate service. We understand what is at stake. 

Need to order materials from the field? We will supply a shopping cart that allows your staff to order and direct materials to points all over the globe. 

Need to provide kits? We can provide many types of kit assembly services tailored to you needs. 

Need printing? We have a full service print shop within our facility for quick and economical print services. 

Need information? Our sophisticated web portal allows you to view the status of inventory and orders. 

  • Inventory Management - The web portal shows you what is in stock, on back order, on order, and what needs to be ordered. Always updated and accurate, you can use this system to avoid stock outs.
  • Shipment Status - Your customer service personnel has on screen access to all orders shipped in the last sixty days. A click of the mouse on the tracking number brings you the carrier's website and the latest tracking information for that order.
  • Order Detail - Another click of the mouse brings you from the order header to the detail of the order. What items were in the shipment, what was the ship to address, etc. etc.

Need to get up and running, FAST? Using "Sprocket Expressway" service, we can have you in business with us within two weeks.

Let Sprocket Express be your marketing services partner.


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