Experience has taught us that each client has unique fulfillment requirements and that those requirements change as their business grows. Obvious factors such as monthly order volume, and less obvious factors such as the variability of the product's characteristics, e.g. weight, fragility, packaging requirements, return rates, order size etc. all have an impact on the final cost of storage and fulfillment. 

Many of our competitors have adopted single tier pricing to "simplify" the pricing process. Too often, the client finds out too late that "simplified' pricing means an ill fitting or inflexible match between services and needs.

At Sprocket Express, we have chosen to address pricing on a case by case basis.

Our fulfillment pricing is typically based on five components:

  •  the cost to process an order.

  •  the number of units in an order.

  •  volume of goods stored in our warehouses.

  •  costs required to condition the products for fulfillment (if any).

  •  other support services that you may require.

(Examples of the latter two components might be: bagging/tagging clothing, testing electrical equipment before shipping, incoming quality inspections, call center support etc.)

We would also prefer to submit pricing proposals after having had a reasonable discussion with you about your current needs and future strategy.

Our supply chain experts can more easily suggest creative alternative solutions for your business through dialog than if we were responding to a price quote via email or form.

So we encourage you to have a discussion with one of our experts by calling our toll free number: 888-992-9924, or write to use at to schedule a discussion. After the initial conversation(s), we will respond with a written quote.


Call us, toll free at: 888-992-9924