We can accept orders electronically through interfaces with your web storefront or your call center. Our systems support XML, CSV or Tab delimited files and can process orders delivered in Excel spreadsheets or similar office software.

We can also handle orders entered individually or in batch by you through our customer portal, or sent to us by mail, e-mail or FAX.




Our warehouse ships all orders received by the next business day. We'll ship anywhere in the world!

Our primary carriers are UPS, USPS & Fedex.



Inventory Management

We store your product at our warehouse facility in Plainville Massachusetts.

All product is cycle counted at regular intervals. Order quantities are double checked both at the picking and at the packing stage. We issue inventory alerts to you when levels get too low.




Receipt notifications are pre-entered to insure that we can alert you of any delays by your supplier.

All receipts, if shipment ready, are posted to inventory within 24 hours and are available for shipment once posted.



Tracking confirmation

If your customer provides an e-mail address on the order, we'll send them an e-mail confirming  shipment and provide the tracking number.



Process visibility

We provide you with a customer portal that lets you view orders, order status, inventory, current month and last month sales by product, period to date billing and performance metrics (that's our report card to you!).




Product Services

Other services include kitting, repackaging, unloading containers, sourcing coordination, 3rd party value add routing, assembly and returns.


Call us, toll free at: 888-992-9924