Magento eCommerce Plus Sprocket Fulfillment… a Winning Combination

Dan Cence, CEO Sprocket Express

How does Sprocket work with Magento? In a word, seamlessly. It’s easy to use our distribution center when you run your shop on Magento.

  • Works with all versions of Magento
  • Fully automated
  • No subscription or membership fees
  • Easy to setup

Full automation is simply non-negotiable. Sprocket Express devoted significant resources to create a robust Magento warehouse and fulfillment integration. Our reliable connection transmits data in both directions and can be implemented for both new and existing shops.

You may be selling on one or many marketplaces, but you’ll only need one Sprocket to manage it all. There is no complicated programming. No more customizing extensions for your Magento system. Once your shop is integrated with Sprocket Express fulfillment, enjoy less manual customer service work and better information.

Complete Magento Fulfillment Services
  • Orders are transmitted to our warehouse

  • Pick and package orders for shipping

  • Tracking information transmitted back to your system

  • Automated shipping emails sent to your customers

  • Inventory updates in synch with your system

  • Receive and process returns

Sprocket Express is in synch with Magento to allow you to manage every detail of your business within a single interface. While our system sends shipping information directly to your customers, this information is simultaneously transmitted to your system to update status and inventory. View your inventory and orders any time in our proprietary portal.

Selling with a different cart or marketplace? We integrate with virtually every eCommerce option.