Real People, No Tickets

Where is everyone?

In recent years, there has been a loss of humanity in customer service. Most of the time, if you're lucky, long hold times lead to a connection with someone who is neither fully informed, nor fully empowered to help you with your issue. Sound familiar?

Even worse, many times you can't call anyone at all. Filling out online forms and hoping that someone will respond efficiently by email is fine for some situations, but it can be difficult to keep your customers happy when you have to wait for your fulfillment house to respond. Sprocket Express is different.

Real people, no tickets

As we are all too aware, the world of eCommerce is built on quick reply times and instant action... and it's only getting faster. Customers are no longer willing to wait for shipments or to have their questions answered. Sprocket Express understands that 3PLs play a vital role in this satisfaction chain.

Recent research shows that over-automation is a new danger in fulfillment and logistics. When we tell journalists that we assign real people to our accounts, they are openly surprised. Most companies ask you to fill our a form or expect you to deal with the general service line.

Although more consumers are willing to accept automated customer service these days, 83% still prefer human interaction. Even a stellar knowledge base cannot answer every question, and searching for answers can frustrate the consumer. Chat bots and email are sometimes efficient, but again, they can't serve all needs. Plus, there are those times when you don't have internet access and just need to ask someone to find a package or add to an order. Statistics show that customer service still matters.


Sprocket is flexible

When you interact with an automated system, there is little room for flexibility. But customers don't deal well with rigidity. When you need to change an order after it's processed, mark a shipment urgent, or address one of the many little details that could need attention, it's just not possible to stay within the lines.

Without our human component, we would not be able to provide this flexibility. That's another reason why our real people matter.

“Everything runs smoothly, they are VERY responsive, speedy, KIND and flexible”

-Ellsworth and Ivey, Sprocket Express client

Sprocket is human

One of the cornerstones of our service is to offer human attention to each and every one of our clients. When you have an issue, you won’t be given a form on a website to describe it. You won’t be left wondering if someone has read your ticket, and when your ticket might be addressed.

When you call us, you’ll reach a customer service rep. who is assigned to you, knows your business and can triage the importance of the issue. The rep. has direct influence over operations and will stay with your issue until resolved.

If you prefer email, that's fine too. Your emails will go to your assigned representative, who will answer promptly and with the power to resolve the issue.

Talk to a real and competent human today to find out more about how Sprocket Express provides the best of both worlds. Our technologically advanced systems are backed by actual people who will know you by name.

Contact us... we're here.