Inventory Management

Let us assist you in managing your inventory. 

Some web merchants learn the science of inventory management the hard way! They develop a product, spend a small fortune building a web presence and a market; taste some success and then promptly run out of stock with poorly defined plans for replenishment!

Unmanaged success can be as damaging to a business as failure!  Poor inventory management can result in backorders, order rescheduling, expediting, cancellations, and of course disillusioned or upset customers. This affects costs, hurts repeat business and word of mouth advertising not to mention your company reputation and your marketing investment!  

On the other hand, a growing business can't afford to tie up large amounts of capital in inventory.

So, how do you strike a balance? 

We can help you minimize stock outs, lost business and excess inventory. 

We have staff that are certified in production and inventory management (CPIM) by  APICS (The Association of Operations Management). They are very familiar with the tasks and techniques necessary to manage your inventory. We can provide solutions as simple as web based order point information up to detailed statistical forecasts based on your historical usage, marketing, and seasonal data. We can provide you with actionable  information or interface directly with your suppliers.

Sprocket Express can provide: 

  • Dedicated professionally certified staff
  • Minimum order point calculations
  • Statistical Forecasting
  • Buying Services
  • Import Coordination
  • And more......

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