Inventory Management

Sprocket Express™ is capable of fully managing our clients’ supply chains. We employ a highly ranked, agile order management system in conjunction with web-based custom programming to manage the fulfillment operation. This system allows us to offer our clients a variety of supply chain services. Our seasoned team includes personnel certified in Production and Inventory Control (CPIM) by APICS.

Inventory management services

  • Monitor the volume and velocity of sales to determine re-order points
  • Interface with vendors for inventory replenishment
  • Manage phase-outs, new item introductions and change orders
  • Lot control and tracking 
  • Backorder management
  • Analyses including mathematically-derived forecasts

We can also provide various interfaces with your existing inventory control systems. Our web-based system can interface with any API map using common formats. Inventory reports with basic “order point” logic are readily available for download via the client portal.