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Cnam Film Library

We switched over to Shopify + Sprocket a few years ago and it has been fantastic. Transparent communication from order to fulfillment means I spend virtually no time having to oversee our customer service process. The couple of times a glitch has appeared, the folks at Sprocket have dealt with it (and solved it) immediately. Highly recommended no matter what your sales volume is.

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J. M., Tap My Trees

The Sprocket Express Team treats every customer order, packaging request, and occasional issue with same sense of urgency and detail that I did. …I am very impressed with their level of service and highly capable staff to deal with not only day to day business, but also unique one-off requests. Tap My Trees partnership with Sprocket Express has shifted my focus from handling transaction to growing sales.

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Jonathan Leung, Flow Kimonos

"This is great, the transition was smoother than I ever imagined. Should have done this a long time ago."

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Ellsworth and Ivey

Sprocket Express is absolutely THE BEST! I have worked with multiple fulfillment centers and always had problems, with Sprocket, I don't need to worry! Everything runs smoothly, they are VERY responsive, speedy, KIND and flexible. I couldn't say enough good things and feel very confident my products are in great hands with them. Highly, highly, highly recommend! You won't regret it!

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S. Brangan, Ray and Terry's Longevity Products

Sprocket Express is an efficient and accurate warehouse and fulfillment facility. Every member of the team is knowledgeable and attentive. Their customer service is fast and personal. Lead time is short and our Magento orders are processed quickly, with shipping emails going out the same day. They want to work with us to succeed. There has never been a moment in 10 years that we have thought of switching again. They are the solution!

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Errol S., The Smart Phone Mall

"You guys are the yin to my yang. Together we make an unstoppable team."

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Joe McHale, Tap My Trees

I wanted to provide recognition to the SE Team for timely shipment of TMT orders. Web (Shopify) orders are getting shipped same day... Big thanks for this, as maple sugaring is very seasonal, and timely shipping is a competitive advantage for TMT... could not have shipped faster from my basement!

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Comic Book Treasures

After interviewing a half a dozen fulfillment centers across the country I decided to go with Sprocket Express. I just got the best vibe from them and I'm typically good at reading people. I was brand new to e-commerce and had a lot to learn and needed a company that would hold my hand thru the process. Fast forward 4 years later I now have 3 Shopify stores with them grossing several million dollars a year.


Sprocket Express couldn't be more instrumental in growing my business! They are true partners and really care about their clients. They are experts in working with entrepreneurs and have experience working with all different types of businesses. Dan, Bob, and their team are extremely knowledgeable about the platform and all its workings. I find this to be very important because although most fulfillment companies have worked with Shopify, they aren't that well versed on them which can create huge errors with shipping and inventory management. That's the last thing you want when growing your business. Sprocket Express are not only experts in multi-channel shipping, but also have many checks and balances with both receiving in and shipping out product and have even caught many of my mistakes ahead of time. I rely on them a lot and this has allowed me to grow my business exponentially over a short amount of time.


Sprocket's customer service is unbelievable and it shows that they really care about their clients on both a professional and personal level. Sprockets fees are also some of the lowest in the industry because they realize that small businesses in growth mode need to have low overhead. Sprocket Express has been the single best and most important thing I've done for my company!

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Charles Stier, COO, LifeMusic Inc.

I was going to write the ultimate rave review for the Sprocketeers -- as we call them :)

But the "comic book treasures" folks just in front of us caught the spirit of it entirely.

All I can say is "DITTO!" and "BRAVO!"

Many thanks Dan and Crew!

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Sam Hiser, New55 Holdings, LLC

We are a new manufacturer also new to eCommerce, and Sprocket Express brought us up to speed gently and efficiently. It is reassuring to have a competent logistics partner given our own challenges to scale.

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J. R., Cuppow

When Cuppow first started, we were totally unprepared for the realities of managing our own fulfillment. Sprocket Express was able to on-board us quickly and efficiently, accommodating to all of the challenges that a rapid scale-up for our start-up required. Without their knowledge and professional ability, we would not be in business today.

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Flow Kimonos

The Sprocket Express integration is truly seamless. Shopify orders are imported into the Sprocket dashboard and shipped out automatically.

Also, Sprocket's management and customer support is absolutely phenomenal. Management is open to feedback regarding improvements to their systems. Customer service is extremely professional and responsive. I've been working with Sprocket for three years now and I'm confident that my business would be not where it is without the support of Sprocket's team.