International Fulfillment - How to Reach More Customers Worldwide

Cross-border eCommerce

The world of eCommerce knows no boundaries. Consumers in the US want access to foreign products without currency conversions and lengthy shipping times. Outside of the US, consumers want American products without surprises and delays. As a business owner, you want to reach a larger market with ease. Your fulfillment partner plays a big part in making international eCommerce sales flow smoothly.

Cross-border online consumer purchasing is increasing 25-30% a year and will reach $1 trillion by 2020, according to market statistics. These sales account for over 17% of all eCommerce sales worldwide.

How Fulfillment Can Help

Navigating the intricacies of cross-border commerce is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time and research to understand how to facilitate a smooth purchase and shipping process. There are different carriers, documents, regulations, and certifications to consider. The most important part is the keep the customer happy and increase your sales. To save time and money, choose a fulfillment partner with experience in these areas.

Services to Look For

  • Customs documentation
  • Drop shipping
  • Freight consolidation
  • Overseas carrier relationships
  • Multiple warehouse locations


If you are already selling on Amazon, you can easily expand to their Canadian and Mexican platforms, as well as other countries. You may need to upload documents or approvals, depending on your product category. If you are using FBA, Amazon will fulfill and ship the orders. But if you are fulfilling orders inhouse, you will need to tackle the process yourself. If you are new to international shipping, this can be a big project that takes time from your marketing and growth efforts.

Seller Benefits

Whether selling in small quantity to consumers outside of the US, distributing overseas, or sending products the US for sale to American consumers, this is a prime opportunity to work with a 3PL. A strong global fulfillment house offers experience in both B2C and B2B international eCommerce situations. These partners truly offer multichannel support. No boundaries.


International seller benefits

  • Reach US customers quickly
  • Avoid customs holdups
  • Compete with US sellers
  • Freight consolidation


US seller benefits

  • Reach international customers efficiently
  • Offer smooth customs process
  • Understand export sales factors
  • Expand your market reach


Multiple warehouses are not appropriate for every business. Maintaining more than one inventory location can be too much for many businesses as this tends to increase the cost of the service and divides your inventory. Without a large volume and solid historical stats to decide how to break up the inventory, it can actually hurt a business to spread out inventory at this level. Companies with large volume, fewer SKUs, or a wide and even geographical reach will benefit from multiple locations. This is a big consideration when choosing a fulfillment partner.

Businesses that prefer one location can still achieve worldwide distribution. The key is experience. Sprocket Express can help any business create a seamless process to overseas shipping. By increasing your market reach, you can grow exponentially as you create brand awareness in new locations and in new markets.


Sprocket Express Has the Experience

An experienced 3PL like Sprocket Express can help you immensely when shipping overseas. Dan Cence, CEO, designed, developed and implemented successful fulfillment systems and processes in 26 countries during his career at Polaroid Corporation. He can help international sellers with US eCommerce, as well as help US companies sell better abroad. And the best part it that you will get to speak to him directly.

All of our clients benefit from a custom-built portal that offers real-time inventory and shipping information. Businesses and customers alike receive tracking information directly and immediately. We can provide same day shipping across a variety of carriers. Talk to us about international shipping and see if we can help you expand your geographic reach.