How to Get More Reviews for Your Business


Your customers deserve the best and they will let the world know when they find a mistake.

At Sprocket Express, we have had the opportunity to observe numerous clients navigate the e-commerce world in pursuit of more customers and better satisfaction. We have found that there are several factors that lead to better satisfaction. First, let’s take a look at reviews.  

Feedback and Reviews

At least 85% of customers count on reviews to influence their purchases. Daniel “Danno” Vivarelli of Starloop created an entire system to prompt more positive online feedback from customers. Forbes interviewed Vivarelli to discover the top recommendations you can use yourself to encourage more reviews

  • Ask for feedback using the right language. Just asking can help prompt a customer to take action.


  • Don’t reward people for reviews. This practice sounds like it will help, but many people see the incentive as almost a bribe and it feels sleazy.


  • Make it easy for the customer. Vivarelli’s system uses a landing page with smiley face icons to make it super easy for someone to click their way to feedback. Even Amazon uses a similar system and you may have noticed credit card companies and other services sending automatic feedback emails asking for a quick star-rating, with an option to provide detailed feedback.


In the current climate, the importance of reviews cannot be underestimated. However, there are other equally important factors to consider.

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