Personal Interview with Dan Cence, CEO of Sprocket Express eCommerce Fulfillment Services

SuperbCrew editors interviewed Dan Cence, founder and CEO of Sprocket Express, a leading third-party logistics provider in the Boston area to learn more about their unique fulfillment service. Sprocket offers something most fulfillment companies do not.

The popular SuperbCrew interview series features top executives of innovative companies in the tech and business world. They asked Sprocket Express, recently selected as a Top 3PL for 2018, what sets them apart from other fulfillment companies. “We’re a David to the Goliaths in the industry,” says Dan Cence.

With only one level of management in the company, Sprocket is agile and personable. “As a client, we’ll know you, and you’ll know us on a first name basis,” said Dan. “Our flattened org. structure enables us to turn on a dime.”

Dan Cence created his company to support the many entrepreneurs emerging from over 32 Universities in the Boston area. These entrepreneurs, armed with great product ideas and solid business plans, had only rudimentary knowledge of eCommerce infrastructure.

As Sprocket continues to evolve, they now assist offshore eCommerce companies who are expanding into the US market. Today, Sprocket Express hosts approximately 110 clients. This New England company has gone global, with clients from Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Argentina.

U.S. job growth continues and the unemployment rate dropped to near a 17-1/2-year low of 3.9 percent in 2018. To compete in the global ecommerce marketplace, more companies are considering an outsourced fulfillment solution when they outgrow their staffed capabilities. Logistics providers like Sprocket Express address this growing need and help local businesses stand out.

Here is the full interview with Dan Cence, CEO of Sprocket Express:

About Sprocket Express
Sprocket Express is a local New England business with a global reach. Founded in 2005 by Dan Cence, a former Information Technology and Supply Chain executive with Polaroid Corporation, Sprocket Express was designed to support technical innovators from Harvard and MIT with an ecommerce/distribution platform to help them commercialize their start-ups. Today, Sprocket partners with small and mid-sized business from all online marketplaces and shopping carts to provide a full range of accurate and dependable fulfillment services. Combining the best of high-tech fulfillment with personal service… “Real people, no tickets!” @SprocketExpress

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