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Lost in Automation – Successful Fulfillment Requires Both Technology and Human Interaction

As we move towards greater automation, personal service is getting harder to find. Sprocket Express believes personal interaction is still important in American small business and we don't want to lose the human touch.

Sprocket and Shopify – a Powerful Combination for Business Growth

Sprocket Express integrated with Shopify in as little as 15 minutes. Learn how our seamless connection gives you complete controlled automation over your business, with room to grow.

Cobotics, the New Face of Automation

Automation is being redefined just as quickly as it is being defined and the new understanding focuses more on ways that humans and robots can work together to leverage their unique individual strengths to reach a common goal. Here are some updates o

Fulfillment and Logistics Advice for a New eCommerce Shop

Here are three key areas CEO Dan Cence has identified to help your business successfully integrate into a fulfillment house.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Influencers are everywhere. Check out this captivating infographic for interesting influencer marketing facts and statistics.

Forecasting isn't Easy, Especially When it's About the Future

Don't overlook the value of forecasting in supply chain management. You should expect this service to be offered by a 3PL in order to...

Quick Fulfillment Guide to Happier Customers

It takes a village to make your customers happy. At every point in the supply chain, there is an effect on customer satisfaction. At Sprocket Express, we call this the satisfaction chain. For happier customers, we recommend these six strategy points.

Planning Your eCommerce Fulfillment Transition

Transitioning your fulfillment operation to a third-party warehouse does not have to be a painful process. Whether you have outgrown your in-house capabilities, or have chosen to move from one fulfillment service to another, good planning will help you.

How To Manage Your Own Fulfillment Until Things Take Off

As new small business owners know too well, logistics can become overwhelming. But know two things: you can do it and your business will grow stronger for the experience.

Robots Are Becoming (Almost) Old News

The fields of warehousing and fulfillment have entered a dramatic period of automation. In just a few years, there could be as many as 4 million robots roaming warehouses worldwide.
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